21street are Haluk DUZ and Bayram BALSAK.The band which was founded in 2002 has two members in TURKEY.two different souls and two different ideas band together in 21street.Each of the members has professional DJ cariers.

Both have studied production and this opened many opportunities to them to work with various producers as well as meeting a lot of people and remixing a lot of tracks.They worked with famous names in the world like Phony Orphants,Phaxe,Steve Haines,Silinder,John 00 Fleming,Pablo Acenso,LuizB,Raf Fender,Bobby Deep and many more so far.

With their team work in the studio, the two create their unique and different style  tracks that carry the deep and melodic sound.The name 21street could be found in the sets and charts of world famous Dj's, such as Ad Brown,Luke Porter ,Steve Haines,Sonic Union, Innate, Tash,Filt & Splendour and many more.21street  played for many electronic music radios such as Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Insomnia FM and many more

Their first album FROM EAST 4 REST was released in 2008 and Their second album TRONIC was released in 2009.Their 6 albums released in 2010 by Panda recordings,Mistique and Balkan Connection labels.2011 year is very important year for them.Their best albums have been released in this year by most famous labels in the world like Baroque,Bonzai,Spherax,Lowbit,Stripped recordings, Indigo records and Hyline Records

21street Latest Tracks



21street - Sticky Keys Incl. Kobb and Wael B Remixes Out Now BY INDIGO RECORDS

Copyright Indigo Records 2011
Release Date: 31/08/2011
21street is the alias for 2 Producers hailing from Turkey by the names of Haluk DUZ and Bayram BALSAK.
The are joining the Indigo ranks with their Sticky Keys release with remixes by Kobb and Wael B.

1- 21street - Sticky Keys (Original Mix)
2- 21street - Sticky Keys (Kobb Remix)
3- 21street - Sticky Keys (Wael B remix)

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Supported By:

Andi Durrant,Andy Newland,Carlos Fox,Gai Barone,mitch alexander,Sonic Union,Steve Haines,Tash,d-phrag,Alex & Filip and Many More!!!

21street – Endless Space EP OUT NOW!

Haluk Duz and Bayram Balsak hail from Turkey and they make up the highly prolific ‘21street‘ production and DJ team. They’ve seen their popularity soar over the last year with appearances on top underground labels like: Mistique, Spherax, Indigo, Lowbit and Baroque. The 32nd release on Carsten Million’s Hyline Music imprint finds the Turkish duo making their debut on the label. 21street’s newest original ‘Endless Space’ is here and it comes with remixes from: Paul Ursin and Brain Trick.

A tough kick and some devastatingly dark electronics lead the original mix off. As the sounds build up around you ! they carry with them some great hooks and also a wicked hypnotic energy. This carries the track to a breakdown that flourishes in cutting edge sound design as it presents a feeling of discerning anticipation. A sequence of stabs builds up and eventually transforms into a haunting melodic lead that teases your senses perfectly. As the lead then dissipates downwards your left with the stripped groove that’s laced with a barrage of fresh sounds which carries the piece to a sinister and electric finale.

Italian producer Paul Ursin makes his debut for Hyline Music with the first remix on the package. Paul has really stripped the track down and delivered something that has a much broader appeal. The straight forward, driving groove with smooth key changes should have your dancefloor moving in no time. Paul’s club friendly stabs and simple melodic hooks are contagious and roll off each other perfectly for a monster club groove.

The second and final remix on the pa! ckage is supplied by a large Russian collective entitled ‘Brain Trick‘ which includes Mark Shishilov, Anton Anuchin, Dmitriy Anuchin, Vladimir Pometeev, Oleg Ul’yanov. Brain Trick has kept the sinister almost ominous sounding vibe from the original and have added some of their own unique sounds. Squelchy synths and distorted robot vocals really come to the forefront of their remix


21street - Sudden Tension EP


21street - Sudden Tension EP Incl. Nikko Z & Psychowsky Remixes Out now By lowbit records.

1 21street - Sudden Tension
2 21street - Sudden Tension (Nikko. Z Remix)
3 21street - Sudden Tension (Psychowsky Remix)

Supported by , Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc, Kassey Voorn,Thomas Penton, Matan Caspi,Sonic Union, Beltek, Dave Seaman, Gai Barone,Deepfunk, Alex & Filip, Ben Coda, Steve Haines, Darin EPsilon,Pete Mccarthey, BiG AL, Hyline, Marcelo Vasami and many many more!


John Flemming - Mmx25 ( 21street Remix ) [Joof Recordings]

Label:JOOF Recordings-JOOF097
Release date: 19 July 2011
Genre: Progressive Trance, Psy-Prog

1. MMX1215 (original mix) !
2. MMX1215 (21street remix)
3. MMX1215 (Kay D remix) !
4. MMX1215 (Kintar remix)
5. MMX1215 (Timewave remix)

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21street - Dream Away Re-Released by ARMADA RECORDS

Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/ProgressiveTunesvolume8
Download on Beatport: http://bit.ly/progressivetunes8BP
Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/progtunes8spotify

Head off to the deep, warm surroundings of your own speakers, with this collection of pure progressive tunes. You'll find some rough, tough essentials on the 'Progressive Tunes' pack, as well as soothing, melodic highlights to your day. The 25 tracks on this one, from the hands of top notch producers like Gareth Emery, Ridgewalkers, Minilogue, Steve May, Glenn Morrison, Da Others, Blake Jarrell, Stu Hirst and many more, will give you an update on what progressive is all about!




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